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How Much Time Do We Need for Video and Photos?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the planning?

Here's a concise guide to help simplify things. Below is a sample outline detailing the typical time allocation couples make for photo and video coverage during various activities throughout the wedding day, from beginning to end.

Here we go!

Getting Ready / Details:

• 60-90 Minutes with Bride

• 30-60 Minutes with Groom

First Look

• 30 Minutes

Family and Bridal Party Portraits

• 30-60 Minutes


• 30 Minutes

Extended Family and Guest Photos

• 30 Minutes (Overlaps Cocktail Hour)

Cocktail Hour

• 60 Minutes

First Dance / Special Dances

• 30 Minutes


• 30 Minutes

Sunset Photos

• 30 Minutes


• 15 Minutes

Open Dancing

• 30 Minutes

Grand Exit / Sendoff

• 15 Minutes

Keep in mind every wedding is different and you may have more or less events happening. Depending on the size of your wedding and bridal party, you may need more time, or less time than what is listed above.

This does not cover travel time if there are multiple locations so make sure you factor that in as well.

On average couples book 8 hour packages and we can capture everything from getting ready through the ceremony, and all of the formal activities during the reception.

If you're unsure about anything we got your back and are more than happy to help with planning the timeline.

Each wedding is unique and we will put together a custom plan for your special day!

Happy Planning!

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