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Wedding Films and Photography by Tim Jeghers




New Channel

"Remember every beautiful detail and make your special day last forever"

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Ever since I was a kid I loved making movies and had a very keen interest in photography. To no surprise, I went to school for film while bartending and simultaneously picking up odd end jobs, taking pictures, and shooting videos.


Eventually I wound up shooting a friends wedding and it was an absolutely awesome experience from start to finish.  Hearing how much they loved their video was an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling feeling.

I decided to go full time freelance in 2019 and launched

The Affinity Productions

Ever since then, my main focus has been making wedding films and taking pictures.  There's really nothing quite like making a beautiful memory last forever!

I also love animals, getting outdoors, snowboarding, skating, cooking, making drinks, discovering new things and travel.

On my days off I'm usually with my wonderful fiancé and

doggos exploring, then making a meal from scratch,

and wrapping it all up binging a good show.

My Approach

Along with capturing beautiful imagery, my goal is to provide an exceptional experience.

My style is candid and unobtrusive.  I want to capture everything for what it is, and tell the story of the big day as authentically as possible.

While getting good composition, backgrounds, and lighting on-the-go are easy for any good photographer or videographer, what is sometimes lacking, is an understanding, or the ability, to naturally and comfortably lead people into posing for those print-worthy hero shots.

Staging a few poses here and there is part of my method, (especially if you have shots you want to recreate), but my go to technique revolves more around offering prompts and directions to naturally create great compositions using your organic body language.

I like to have fun and to make the day as easy for you as possible .  I am pretty involved from start to finish because it’s important that things go smoothly and you have a good time.

My job isn’t just taking photos or directing videography.  My job is also coordinating with your other vendors so there's less work for you, especially during the wedding.  You've done enough work at this point and should just enjoy the day on cruise control!

I only take on a limited number of projects each year in order to preserve the quality of my work.  I tend to book most dates 6-18 months in advance.​​ My calendar does tend to fill up quickly so if you're considering my team and I would advise not waiting too long

If you're interested in working together send me a message on the "get in touch" page!​



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